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What is the police loophole?

There are some states, counties, cities, and municipalities in our great nation that fail to allow their citizens to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms with restrictions such as magazine capacity or types of firearms. However, these government entities do not place these restrictions upon their own employees, such as police officers.

What is this list?

This is a list of companies that have taken the step to publicly announce that they will not sell items to states, counties, cities, and municipalities that restrict their citizens rights to own them; therefore closing the "police loophole" themselves. It is important to note that we are against gun control; we are not against any particular government agency or individuals.

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Naughty List

What happened to the naughty list? I felt this was somewhat of a subjective list, vs the nice list which is very clear cut and dry. In an effort to avoid any possible legal action against myself or this site for libel, I felt it best to remove it and only concentrate on those that wish to implement the policy, rather than those who may have differing views on it.


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